Boat Day Essentials

We’ve all done it, whether it was ‘our’ fault or not. All of your beach gear that seemingly ends up as perfect targets to be left behind when it comes time to head out. Sometimes what’s forgotten can be left at home, other times it can put a stop to the whole day. At the very least, it might leave your friend with a healthy sunburn. Even when we seem to plan it all out beforehand, that pair of sunglasses just isn’t where you left them, and the towels you could’ve sworn were packed stay neatly folded on the bathroom counter.  To help alleviate some of that stress, we’ve put together a short guide on how to pack for the perfect boat day when you set sail.


If you are like us, at the start of the season you pretend that burning to a crisp is the best way to get a ‘base tan’. Let’s stop pretending that there is any benefit to that approach; protect your skin with a high SPF lotion and remember to re-apply throughout the day. For members of partnered marinas, sunscreen will be provided onboard! If not, we recommend at least SPF 30 or higher to have the best protection against the UV you’ll be exposed to on your beautiful day out.


Something that could dull an otherwise amazing adventure on the boat would be forgetting a towel! Don’t get caught in thinking you will air dry––you’ll be missing it when you pull up to a sand bar without a place to sit! We always suggest making this item one of the first things to pack. When you think you are spending all day on the water and not in it, it is an easy thing to forget.

Beach Chairs

Another essential when you arrive at the sandbar, beach chairs can be a great addition to your time there. Keeping you off the sand, in the sun, and a drink in your hand.

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The ocean is a beautiful place to be, and Coastal Captains is dedicated to taking you to anywhere you’d like to see. Make sure to bring UV filtered sunglasses to protect those eyes and allow you to take in those views at their best, without any squinting!

The Cooler

A staple of any boat day, a properly packed cooler is an essential to the makings of a great day on the water. Things we recommend stocking are waters, sports drinks like gatorade or anything with electrolytes, and easy bites like sandwiches and snacks. Two bags of ice usually does the trick to cool things down for the entirety of the day––but we always recommend 3.


Pump the tunes! The boat is the perfect place to test out your latest playlist, or set the music library to shuffle. Need a place to start? Connect to our Coastal Captains playlist to get the vibe started. Whatever the choice, music is the easiest way to elevate and cultivate the environment that you want.

These are just some of the things that we think are essential in having the perfect day on the boat. For this reason, premium amenities like towels, life jackets and sunscreen are provided every trip to clients who are part of Coastal Captain partnered marinas at no additional fee. Is your marina not partnered with us yet? Encourage them to get in contact with us through our site so we can provide the same premium amenities to you!